Ravenna Best Tours - The Top Guided Walking Tours by MIRARTE
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Ravenna, the Byzantine dream

The City of Mosaics


Ravenna Must-See Half Day Tour (3hrs)


This approximately 3-hour tour will take you to discover the mosaic art of Ravenna, which is present here more than anywhere else in the world. We start with the church of SANT’APOLLINARE NUOVO, with its splendid wall mosaics. From the ancient via di Roma we will head towards the heart of the city to the Dante area also known as the ‘zone of silence’ dedicated to the worship and memory of DANTE ALIGHIERI. Nearby we also have the opportunity to see the beautiful Church of SAN FRANCESCO. We reach the NEONIAN BAPTISTERY, a unicum in the field of early Christian art. After a stop in PIAZZA DEL POPOLO, we conclude our visit with the splendid basilica of SAN VITALE, a testimony to the Roman-Byzantine empire, and the Mausoleum of the Roman empress GALLA PLACIDIA, whose mosaics dematerialise everything by transfiguring it in light and colour, creating an otherworldly dimension.